Russian Prime Minister Medvedev visits annexed Crimea to attend the military parade

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Sevastopol on July 29 where a military parade in honor of the Russian Federation’s Navy Day took place. According to Russian information agencies, Medvedev arrived the night before and took part in a concert dedicated to the 1,030th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus.

On Sunday, the Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseev conducted an inspection of warships which were taking part in the parade. This was preceded by a solemn prayer and laying of flowers at the memorial wall in honor to the defense of the town in 1941 to 1942. Medvedev himself posted a photo of the visit of the military parade on his Facebook page.

Local media said that one of the real reasons for Medvedev’s visit to the Crimea was a meeting to discuss the implementation of the “Federal targeted program” of the development of the annexed city. They discussed the slow tourist season, bad road conditions, public utilities decay, and the lack of waste treatment facilities for which two billion rubles (31 million dollars) was allocated.

The last time Medvedev came to Sevastopol was in August 2017.

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