Media: Syrian forces detain French military in Hasakah province

A group of French military were detained at one of the check points in the Syrian province of Hasakah on May 1 while trying to mistakenly enter the Syrian-controlled territory, reports @WarGonzo Telegram channel.

The column of the French military reportedly arrived in the province of Hasakah from Iraq via a route controlled by the Kurdish forces. There were 60 French citizens travelling on 20 Toyota Land Cruiser 200 jeeps.

It is reported that the representatives of the Syrian special services interviewed the head of the French military. The group members were photographed and copies of their passports were taken. All the cars had Iraqi license plates.  Syrian military allegedly found sniper equipment in the trucks of the cars.

WarGonzo reports that the head of the group informed the Syrian military that the French arrived in Syria to support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the fight against ISIS.

After negotiations between SDF and the Syrian military, the French citizens were released.

The incident at the checkpoint in Hasakah was the first confirmation of the presence of the French military in Syria.

In March, French President Marcon promised to send troops to Syria to assist the Kurdish forces.

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