Media: Syria received S-300 missile systems from Russia for free

Russia provided the advanced S-300PM air defense system to Syria’s military free of charge, transferring three battalions with eight launchers each, TASS reported citing a military-diplomatic source.

The source clarified that on October 1st, three S-300PM battalions with eight launchers each were delivered to Syria. He added that previously the equipment was in service of the anti-aircraft missile regiments of the Russian Air Force, now re-equipped with the S-400 Triumf system.

“It underwent capital repairs at Russian defense enterprises, is in good condition and is capable of completing military tasks,” said the source. He clarified that the S-300PM “was delivered to the Syrian side free of charge.” Also, based on the source’s information “together with the launchers, mobile ammunition consisting of more than 100 anti-aircraft guided missiles were delivered for each battalion.”

The agreement regarding delivery of the S-300PM battalion missile launcher to Syria was signed in 2010, but it was put on hold. On September 24th, 2018, after the incident with the downed Russian surveillance Il-20 aircraft, the Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu stated that Russia is delivering the S-300 with “enhanced military capabilities.” On October 2nd, 2018, Sergey Shoygu reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin, that the S-300 was delivered to Syria.

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