Media: Russian air strikes leave dozens of victims in Syria

In Syria, as a result of the bombing that was carried out on December 3 by the Syrian military aircraft with the support of the Russian warplanes, at least 19 civilians were killed in the area of East Ghouta, located near the capital of Damascus, reports DW, citing as a source the Syrian Monitoring Center for Human Rights Observance.

According to observers, the air strikes were inflicted on several cities in Eastern Ghouta. Most of the victims of the bombings were in the city of Hammuria, where 13 civilians, including five children, were killed. Air strikes on the cities of Arbin, Beit-Sawa and Mesraba led to the death of six more people, including two women and two children.

According to the monitoring center, dozens of people were injured as a result of air strikes. Many of them are in critical condition, so the number of fatalities may increase.

It is reported that the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus remains one of the few territories in Syria which is still under rebel control. This area has been blockaded by government troops since 2013. There are now about 400,000 people there, and the UN previously expressed fears that hundreds of people in Eastern Ghouta may die if they are not evacuated and provided immediate medical assistance.

Earlier, the Israeli Air Force attacked Syria. The target of the attack was an Iranian military base located 50 kilometers from the Syrian-Israeli border.

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