Media: Greece recalls its ambassador from Russia

Greece decided to recall its ambassador Andreas Friganas from the Russian Federation, reports Dikaiologitika news outlet. It is noted that Andreas Friganas received the request to return from Russia on Friday, August 10th. Another ambassador will be appointed in place of Friganas.

At the same time, the publication Madata referring to sources in the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denies the return of the Ambassador. According to the publication’s correspondent, there has been no decisions about it.

On July 11th, it became known that the Greek government decided to expel two Russian diplomats. Later, Greece banned the entry of two more Russian citizens to Greece.

According to the Greek authorities, the reason for this decision was the “numerous and coordinated” actions of Russia, aimed at strengthening their influence in Greece.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs notified the Greek Ambassador that there will be a reciprocal response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Athens.

  Greece, Russia