Media: Germany likely wants to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine

The governing coalition parties in Germany have prepared a proposal for arms supplies to Ukraine which include the provision of long-range weapons systems, reports the newspaper Bild, citing the German Press Agency. The Taurus cruise missiles were also considered but are not explicitly listed.

The coalition has reportedly crafted a non-public proposal aimed at delivering more ammunition to Kyiv. The assistance is also said to encompass the provision of transport vehicles and weapons systems. A vote on the proposal is scheduled to take place in the Bundestag this week.

The draft proposal does not specifically mention Taurus cruise missiles, but it is mentioned that the aid would enable Ukraine to conduct targeted strikes on strategically important targets deep in the rear of the Russian troops, in line with international law.

Details of exactly which weapons systems will be provided have not yet been announced. The German government coalition is convinced that the Ukrainian forces should be able to strike at military depots or supply routes located far beyond the front line. This, they argue, would provide better protection for the Ukrainian troops.

German authorities have stated that they have provided more than 17 billion euros in aid to Ukraine. This figure includes refugee support, which has attracted criticism of Berlin from some experts for the accounting method used. According to Deutsche Welle, Chancellor Olaf Scholz's government has been accused of inflating Germany's defense expenditures and assistance to the Ukrainian army.

After a telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden on 17 January, German Chancellor Scholz announced his intention to provide military aid to Ukraine worth over 7 billion euros. He said he and the American leader are united in their determination and will continue to support the Ukrainians in their fight against Russian occupiers.

At the end of December, Germany sent a “winter” energy assistance package worth nearly €90 million to Ukraine. Ukrainian utilities are using equipment bought with German funds to repair destroyed substations and power stations.

On 9 February, a Bundestag MP called for devastating strikes against Russia. Roderich Kiesewetter stated that Germany itself should not be drawn into the Russian-Ukrainian war, but Ukraine should be helped to hit military targets within Russian territory.

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