Media: Cyber-attacks on Dutch banks were carried out from Russian servers

The cyber-attacks that affected the three largest Dutch banks were carried out from Russian servers, as reported by De Telegraaf daily newspaper, citing the ESET Company which specializes in digital security.

"This does not necessarily mean that the perpetrators are also in Russia – they can be anywhere," specialists note.

According to the company, hackers used a so-called botnet, a network of infected computers.  They remotely sent signals from devices using the Zbot program to visit certain websites thus overloading servers which are unable to cope with the sharp increase in the number of visitors. However, command servers were predominantly in Russia.  

The motives behind the cyber-attacks are not yet clear, they can be directed either by the Russian government or be the actions of bored teenagers. At the same time ESET expects new attacks.

As was reported, over the weekend and on Monday, hackers attacked three Dutch banks, and the Tax and Customs service of the country.

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