Media: Another Russian plane flew from Moscow to Caracas

Nordwind Airlines' Boeing-777 flew from Moscow to Caracas on March 1, then traveled to Uganda and Zanzibar and returned to Venezuela on March 4, wrote Novaya Gazeta with reference to Flightradar24.

Novaya Gazeta had reported earlier that an  IL-62 board of the Russian Ministry of Defense was seen on its way to Caracas from Moscow on March 3. Flightradar24 recorded only some details of the flight. The crew could turn off the transponder so as not to transmit all the flight coordinates.

The purpose of the flights to Venezuela is still unkown.

In late January, José Guerra, a member of the National Assembly of Venezuela, wrote on his Twitter page that the Russian Boeing 777 had landed in Caracas to take out 20 tons of gold from the Central Bank’s reserves. He did not provide any facts. He used to be an economist at the Central Bank and continues to communicate with his former colleagues.

The source of the Bloomberg agency confirmed that the Central Bank was going to take out 20 tons of gold worth about $ 840 million, which is about one fifth of Venezuela’s gold reserves.

Novaya Gazeta also wrote about the departure the Boeing 777 of Nordwind Airlines from Moscow. According to the magazine, there were no passengers onboard. According to FlightRadar24, the plane landed at Caracas International Airport on the same day.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov had said that the Kremlin did not know anything about the Nordwind plane.

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