Media: 61 people killed in Russian and Assad's air strikes in Eastern Ghouta

At least sixty one people are dead and one hundred injured as a result of air strikes conducted by Russian planes and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s air force on the marketplace in the highly populated settlement of Kafr Batna, located in the besieged Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, reports Turkish news agency Anadolu.

According to representatives of the Civil Defense Administration (White Hats) in Eastern Ghouta, rescuers cannot reach the wounded nor collect the bodies of the dead in destroyed buildings due to continuous bombardment.

On February 25, the UN Security Council passed Resolution No. 2401, which calls on the parties to the Syrian conflict to declare a thirty-day ceasefire.

This is already the fifth year that the approximately 400,000 Syrians living in this Damascus suburb, which is included among the listed zones of de-escalation, have been under siege. The situation in Eastern Ghouta has worsened significantly over the past eight months, particularly as quantities of food and medicine have decreased.

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