Lukashenko: overthrow of power in Belarus is impossible

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes it is impossible to overthrow the power in his country by force, TASS reports.

In his words, it is impossible to shift the power in Belarus, for example, as in Venezuela. As an example, Lukashenko also cited Libya and Syria.  

"We have experienced all this: hybrid and heated clashes, and an attempt to overthrow the constitutional system and the current leadership. Starting from this street, where the traffic police cars were turned over, from Independence Square, where the monument to the first head of our state Lenin was desecrated, to the last action in 2010, when they tried to overthrow us, storming the Government House," the President said.

Lukashenko believes that now only the negative trends in the economy present a threat to the country.

"If every person would look at himself before asking the President and the government, if we approach this fundamentally, think about the economy, we will not be afraid of anything," Lukashenko said.

  Lukashenko, Belarus