Lukashenko allows security forces to use military equipment during rallies

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has amended the national security laws. According to the new amendments, the security forces are allowed to use military equipment "to suppress mass riots", reports Interfax.

The new law establishes the conditions and limits of the use of physical force, special means, weapons, combat and special equipment by law enforcement agencies. According to the document, the security forces are not responsible for the harm caused by these means, if they were used in accordance with the law.

However, a law enforcement officer is "obliged to warn the offender that special means or techniques can be used against him, except in cases when a delay can lead to endangering people's lives or cause other serious consequences".

"The Belarusisn internal affairs units are given the right to use combat and special equipment during the suppression of mass riots," the document reads.

In addition, law enforcement officers are allowed to carry out personal inspection and inspection of transport during detention and also prohibit video or photography.

These changes are outlined in the Laws on State Protection and Changes to the National Security Laws, which were passed by the House of Representatives and approved by the Council of the Republic in two readings.

  Lukashenko, Belarus