Lithuanian President urges NATO to recognize Russia as a threat to world order

During the NATO Summit in London, the Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda appealed to NATO leaders to consider Russia a threat to the existing world order.

"It is essential to call Russia a threat. If we do not do this, we will significantly change the whole perspective of NATO's structure," said Lithuanian President.

Nausėda stated that the Kremlin's actions are the biggest threat to international law, and "to the rules that have been established for decades."

Commenting on a recent statement by French President Emmanuel Macron, Nausėda agreed that China's expansionist policies and terrorism are serious threats but urged not to turn a blind eye to the Kremlin's actions.

"Yes, there is terrorism, and China is becoming stronger, and its economy is expanding. But, first, we must not forget that there is also Russia," said Nausėda.

He also mentioned the ongoing Russian aggression against Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine.

"Ignoring that means not to see the real world as it is," said Nausėda.

  Lithuania, Russia, NATO