Lithuanian Foreign Minister urges EU to find creative solutions to support Ukraine

Ahead of an EU foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called on allies to devise a creative solution to support Ukraine.

"Although I am heading to another Council meeting today, I do not believe it should be business as usual. We have to recognize that there is nothing normal about the situation Europe finds itself in, and if we fail to acknowledge this fact, we may end up in even worse circumstances, with the most immediate concerns obviously focused on Ukraine," Landsbergis highlighted.

The Lithuanian diplomacy chief emphasized that if Europe does not have a serious rethink and come up with a solution, the situation could deteriorate further. "Without awakening to this new reality, without collaborative thinking and finding a new and creative solution that can change the tides on the battlefield, I fear we will not be hearing much good news in the future," the minister stated.

Landsbergis praised Ukrainian resilience, capability, knowledge, and competence while identifying a critical need for equipment and ammunition. "Ukrainians have long felt an ammunition famine. The current calculation on the battlefield is 6 to 1, meaning for every six missiles the Russians are capable of launching, Ukrainians can only fire one," he added, depicting the disparity in resources.

According to the minister, the fact that Ukrainian forces are able to achieve what they are on the battlefield is nothing short of a miracle.

Former Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė had previously stated that the delay and indecision in supporting Ukraine could provoke Russia to attack NATO countries. She described the current hesitations in aiding Ukraine as "a huge strategic and tactical error because sooner or later [Russia] will see an opportunity and take advantage of it."

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