Latvian army receives new rigid-hulled inflatable boats

The Latvian National Armed Forces presented new Rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIB) to the public, reports news outlet.

"These boats are indispensable for special operations. With this new equipment, we are becoming leaders in the region. These boats are effective, modern, and necessary for our armed forces. With these boats, our country can feel safer. In case of possible crises, it is an indispensable tool for tactical operations," said Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks.

Pabriks added that the new boats significantly increase the role of Latvia in international operations. "We can always offer NATO our help. One of our security guarantees is participation in various international operations. These boats are relatively easy to transport so that we can contribute more to international operations," said the Minister.

A few months earlier, Commander of Latvian Land Force, Colonel Ilmārs Lejiņš in an interview with the "Ir" magazine, said that Latvia would be able to surprise its enemy in the case of confrontation with Russia or any other aggressor.

"We can also, as in Judo and Aikido, use the power of the enemy to our advantage. Russia always has and will always consider Latvia insignificant in military terms, but that is our strength. I want the Russians to always think about Latvia that way. I think they have plans. But as Moltke said that no plan would survive the first contact with the enemy. I am sure that our military power now and, in the future, will shock the enemy in the first days [of conflict]. So, the Russians or any other potential opponents will have to change their way of thinking radically. This is what we and our allies need to do, and not only here, but globally," said the Colonel.

  Lithuania, Russia, NATO