Lithuania considers revoking citizenship for those supporting Russia

The Seimas of Lithuania is considering the possibility of revoking citizenship for those supporting Russia, reported the Lithuanian news outlet

"The draft bill stipulates that a citizen of another country who has received Lithuanian citizenship as an exception will get the Lithuanian passport cancelled if this person’s actions threaten the security and interests of the Lithuanian state, if this person supports a state that threatens the security of Lithuania and other countries and allies in the region, and also tarnish the name of the Lithuanian state,"  the news outlet reports.

63 members of the Seimas voted for this amendment to the Citizenship Law, 24 were against, and 26 deputies abstained. The amendment will be sent to committees of the Seimas for review.

"Currently, 811 persons have received Lithuanian citizenship as an exception, they are also citizens of other states, so if they lose their Lithuanian citizenship, they will not remain stateless, they will retain the citizenship of another state," said one of the members of the Seimas.

  Lithuania, Russia