Libya asks Turkey for help in fight against 'Russian mercenaries'

Libyan Interior Minister of Government of National Accord Fathi Bashagha said that Libya would need military support from Turkey if the military conflict escalates further.

According to him, without the Ankara’s help, it would be hard for Libya to repel the mercenaries of General Khalifa Haftar, after Haftar’s army opened  their air bases for third countries. Bashagha said that Haftar gave one of the military bases to the United Arab Emirates. He also claims that the soldiers of the Russian Wagner private military company and the rebels from Chad are fighting together with Haftar’s soldiers, reports Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.

Also, the Minister stressed that only the Government of National Accord has been recognized by the international community.

Earlier, the Turkish President said that Ankara does not intend to "turn a blind eye" to the presence of "mercenaries of the Russian Wagner private military company in Libya".

According to media reports, Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt are on the side of Haftar. At the same time, Turkey, Qatar, and Italy are supporting the Government of National Accord

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