Lavrov: Russia is monitoring negotiations between Warsaw and Washington regarding U.S military deployment in Poland

Russian Foreign Minister Sergeye Lavrov announced that a planned increase in the number of the U.S. soldiers in Poland would be a violation of the fundamental Russia-NATO act.

“This reflects the United States’ policy of breaking all the security arrangements in the Euro-Atlantic region. In this case, it is about undermining one of the key provisions of the founding act between Russia and NATO, according to which substantial combat forces in the territory of new NATO members should not be posted on a permanent basis, "he said at a press conference following a meeting with his colleague from Cape Verde, Luis Felipe Tavares.

Lavrov noted that Moscow is monitoring the negotiations between Warsaw and Washington and that the decision to deploy a military contingent will not add security to Europe.

“Russia is not going to attack neither Poland nor any other NATO country, everyone knows that perfectly well, everyone understands this very well,” added the minister.

Earlier, Poland offered the United States to host an American armored division on a permanent basis, taking upon itself around 1.5-2 billion dollars of expenses. The proposal was put forward bilaterally, outside the NATO framework. Polish President, Andrzej Duda, proposed naming this base Fort Trump. Currently, around 4,500 troops of the U.S. Army are stationed in Poland as part of the United States armored brigade and multinational battalion group.

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