Large-Scale NATO exercises begin in Lithuania

The large-scale military exercises named Gelezinis Vilkas 2019 (Iron Wolf 2019) started in Lithuania. About four thousand soldiers from 10 countries and more than a thousand units of equipment will participate in the exercises, and it will continue for two weeks, reports the command of the Lithuanian army.

"The purpose of the exercise, which involves units of Lithuanian Armed Forces, as well as personnel and equipment of NATO allies, is the integration of all these forces and means into a single combat system that is capable of planning and performing combat missions effectively," the report said.

These are the most massive maneuvers for Lithuania this year. Soldiers from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Estonia participate in it, as well as the Lithuanian military. Some of them are part of the NATO forward-based composite battalion quartered in Lithuania.

The exercises will be held at the training range in Pabrade (Eastern part of Lithuania close to the Belarus border) and the Gailiunai training range (middle of the country). Military equipment from the places of permanent deployment will be transported to the location of exercises using civilian highways, and military police will accompany it. Several parts of the maneuvers will be held in coordination with the local authorities in the adjacent civilian areas.

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