Large-scale NATO cyber exercise have started in Estonia

In Estonia, a large-scale NATO Cyber Coalition exercise began, as stated in a message on the NATO website.

The exercise includes more than 700 participants from 25 member states, as well as partner countries, the EU, and industry and academia representatives. This is the 10th annual occurrence of these exercises.

The goal of the exercises, which will end on Friday, is to test the capabilities of NATO and Alliance partners to counter cyber attacks, as well as to improve the interaction of experts at the domestic and international levels.

"Cyber defense is one of NATO's key tasks in terms of collective defense, and leadership in cyber defense is a top priority for the Alliance. Exercises such as Cyber Coalition are a part of this effort. They help to improve the ability of NATO and allies to defend their networks, as well as our coordination in the case of cyber attack," NATO says.

Earlier in November, the defense ministers of NATO member countries approved the decision to create a new body, the Cyber Operations Center.

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