Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces have taken control of dominant heights around Bakhmut

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have carried out successful attacks in the south and east of Ukraine.

According to Malyar, over the past week, the Russians launched 39 missile and 334 air strikes on Ukraine. At the same time, in a week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated another 4 sq. km of the Ukrainian territory in the east.

Malyar said that in the east, over the past week, there has been an increase in the number of enemy artillery attacks to 7184. Russians fired 343,402 artillery rounds and missiles.

"In Bakhmut, for several days, our defenders have been keeping under fire control the roads in and out of the city, and also the movement of the enemy around the city. This became possible during an offensive when our troops took control of the main dominant heights around Bakhmut," the Deputy Defense Minister said on her Telegram channel.

As for the situation in the south of Ukraine, according to Malyar, over past week in certain areas, the Ukrainian troops advanced deeper into the Russian defense lines. The total liberated area since the beginning of the offensive is 168.6 sq. km. During the past week, the Ukrainian Forces liberated 10.2 sq. km. At the same time, over the past week, Russians carried out 4318 artillery attacks in the south.

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