Kyiv: Ukrainian Forces destroy key railway bridge in Donetsk region thwarting Russian military logistics

In the past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces have precision-targeted and destroyed a partially constructed railway bridge and enemy equipment near the village of Hranitne in the Donetsk region, according to Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol.

"Yesterday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out a precision strike that destroyed a half-built railway bridge, fuel tanks, and engineering vehicles near the village of Hranitne. Attempts were made to shoot them down, but the Russian air defense was effectively replaced by its own engineering base. I want to give special thanks to our brave people from the Mariupol resistance and the residents of the Mariupol district, who, despite fatal risks, obtained proof and facilitated the elimination of an important military-logistical infrastructure facility," Andryushchenko said.

He pointed out that the destroyed bridge was part of the Russian plan to establish a railway connection from the occupied Mariupol to Russia. The planned direct railway from Russia has now been put on hold for a long time. As an added bonus, due to the strong effort by Russians to shoot down the Ukrainian drones, the locations of new enemy air defense batteries in the Mariupol district were discovered – the coordinates have already been passed on to the relevant services, added Andryushchenko.

As previously reported, Russian military personnel have been placing their troops and military hardware among residential buildings in the temporarily occupied Mariupol in the Donetsk region.

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