Kyiv: Ukrainian Armed Forces strike strategic Russian facilities in annexed Crimea

The Strategic Communications Center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that Ukrainian military carried out a successful missile attack on a strategic Russian facility located in the temporarily annexed Crimea. 
"In the night of October 30, the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully targeted a strategic air defence facility on the western coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea," the statement reads.

Russian Telegram channels report that as a result of the attack on Olenivka, there were 17 casualties and five pieces of equipment were damaged.

Russian authorities claimed that the Ukrainian missile attack on Crimea was repelled. 

"The Kiev regime (the legitimately elected Ukrainian authorities) tried to attack targets in Crimea at around 13:00 with 8 Storm Shadow missiles, all of which were shot down," reported the news agency RIA Novosti, citing the Russian  Defense Ministry.

The Telegram channel the Crimean Wind reports that local residents have reported a thick smoke rising over the South Bay in Sevastopol and that there was an loud explosions.

"The smoke in the South Bay of Sevastopol has dissipated, according to our subscribers. However, there is still smoke rising from the area of Nakhimov Square - the entrance to the seaport. Our subscribers also reported on the strange smoke in the area of Gollandiya Bay, which does not resemble a smoke screen. And there is a lot of military equipment in that area," the Telegram channel added.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces also confirmed a strike on October 25 on the temporarily occupied Luhansk. As a result of the missile strike, Ukrainian military destroyed the Russian S-400 air defence system located near the city.
Earlier, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk, said that the illegally built Crimean Bridge will be completely destroyed when the situation requires it. He emphasized that unlike the Russians, the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not rely on symbolism.

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