Kyiv: Russian spies are trying to prevent deliveries of western weapons to Ukraine

A Russian spy network in Europe is working to prevent the supply of Western weapons to the Ukrainian Army, said Ukrainian Military Intelligence representative Andriy Chernyak in an interview with the Greek newspaper Iefimerida.

According to him, one of Russia’s main goals is to influence individual authoritative people in Europe and public opinion.

"Therefore, Russians invest a lot in working with the media. They use their open propaganda mouthpieces, such as Russia Today, and other more hidden ways of influence. There are cases when foreign journalists  recruited by Russians do their work with the only task – to talk to their colleagues in order to influence their opinion in favor of Russia," Chernyak said.

He noted that recently the Russian spy network has focused on disabling the supply routes of Western weapons to Ukraine.

"Russia is interested in the whole of Europe as its 'zone of influence'. If it captures Ukraine, it will not stop there. They will move on. And we know that Putin had such plans before invading Ukraine. Perhaps they have not changed now," Chernyak added.

Earlier, the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Directorate said that Putin, did not achieve any strategic goals and objectives that he announced at the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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