Kyiv: Russian aircraft avoid flying over Ukraine controlled territory

Russian aircraft have not flown into the territory controlled by Ukraine for about two months and are increasingly using "old" missiles, said the press secretary of the Ukrainian Air Yuri Ignat.

"Recently, Russia has shown a tendency to save these high-precision expensive missiles. The enemy is increasingly using Soviet types of missiles, such as the X-59 aircraft missile and the Kh-22 missile - one of the most destructive missiles," Ignat said.

The speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force said that the warhead of the X-22 missile weighs 900 kg and causes very strong damage.

"This missile has a significant drawback. It does not always reach the target, does not always get to where it was directed, and very often causes damage to civilian infrastructure and human casualties," Ignat said.

According to Ignat, Russia does not use its aircraft as much as it used to over Ukraine.

"The enemy uses its aircraft remotely, from the territory of Belarus, the Black Sea, Russia. First of all, these are strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95, which fire high-tech missiles on our territory. These missiles are very expensive. One missile costs millions of dollars. The sea-based Kalibr missile also costs a lot," Ignat explained.

Recently, a Russian Su-34 was shot down near Izyum and a Ka-52 helicopter was shot down in the Kharkiv region.

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