Kyiv: rainy weather slows down Ukraine’s offensive in Luhansk region

Rainy weather prevents the Ukrainian Armed Forces from moving faster towards the cities of Svatove and Kreminna in the Luhansk region which are still held by Russian troops, said the head of the Luhansk Regional Military-Civil Administration Serhiy Haidai.

"In the direction of Svetove-Kreminna, there the Ukrainian Armed Forces are gradually moving forward. Now the weather conditions do not allow to move faster. Because the rains and muddy soil are viscous: the equipment, even tanks, just bog down. Therefore, in our case, we are waiting for frosts to set in," he said.

The situation is different in Belohorivka, where, according to Haidai, the Ukrainian military is repelling attacks daily. "They are trying to break through the defense lines and capture Belohorivka, but for several weeks the Russian-occupation troops have had no success," he stressed.

The head of the Luhansk region added that Russians are bringing even more reinforcements to the area.

"We have seen everyone there: Kadyrov fighters, regular troops, newly mobilized, the so-called Wagner Zeks (inmates), those mobilized in Donetsk and Luhansk regions," he listed.

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