Kyiv invites Western weapons manufactures to test their new products in Ukraine

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov invited Western defense companies to test new weapons in Ukraine.

Reznikov said that Kyiv is interested in using modern combat systems against the enemy, so it invites arms manufacturers to test their new products in Ukraine. According to Reznikov, such cooperation would be beneficial for everyone.

"A lot of weapons are tested in the field in real combat conditions against the Russian army, which has many of its own modern systems. We share all the information and experience with our partners. We are interested in testing modern systems in combat against the enemy and invite weapons manufacturers to test their new products here," said Reznikov during a video conference with the American think tank the Atlantic Council.

According to him, one of the examples of weapons that were tested in Ukraine is the Polish artillery system Krab.

"I think this is a good chance to test their weapons for our partners in Poland, the United States, France, Germany and Turkey. Therefore, give us these tools, we will finish the work, and you will have new information about their operation," the Ukrainian Defense Minister added.

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