Kyiv confirms Ukrainian offensive on Kreminna and Svatove has been temporarily stopped

Serhiy Cherevaty, a spokesman for Ukraine's forces in the east, said that the Ukrainian offensive towards Kreminna and Svatove has slowed down. Speaking on the Ukrainian TV, he said that the number of forces and also the weather conditions in the Luhansk region are not in Ukraine’s favor at the moment. According to him, it is necessary to form a "powerful fist", including with the help of the West.

"A number of factors influence the offensive. Firstly, we are not Russians. We do not send our units when there are no reserves, sufficient fire support. Therefore, we act as adequate modern military science ascribes. When we had these opportunities, such as weather conditions and reserves, we advanced," he explained.

But the fighting did not stop, Cherevaty added. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to destroy the enemy’s logistics and warehouses in the region.

"Combat missions are different - these are not always offensive actions. This is the exhaustion of the enemy, and there is a moment when you can move to more decisive actions and break through the enemy's defenses, as it was in the Kharkiv region," the speaker added.

The British intelligence explained that the peculiarity of the battles for Kreminna is that the coniferous forest provides some cover from air surveillance even in winter.

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