Kurds agree to accept Syrian government protection against Turkey

The Syrian Kurds have reached an agreement to have government forces stationed along the border with Turkey, the Kurdish autonomous administration announced in a statement distributed by the Firat news agency.

The goal of the agreement with the Syrian government is to oppose Turkey’s aggression, the statement notes.

It also states that Syrian soldiers will be deployed along the border in order to assist the Syrian Democratic Forces, which mostly consist of Kurdish fighters.

“In the last five days, the Turkish troops that have invaded northern Syria have committed numerous crimes against the civilian population… In order to jointly repel the aggressors, we have made an agreement with the Syrian government, which should protect national sovereignty and the border,” the statement emphasizes.

The agreement will make it possible to “liberate all of the Syrian regions occupied by the Turkish government and the mercenaries fighting on their side, including Afrin,” the Kurds believe.

On October 9, Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced the start of “Operation Peace Spring” in Syria, which aims to establish a buffer zone in northern Syria to which refugees can return. Ankara aims to clear the territory of Kurdish militarized groups.

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