Kremlin: US purposely introduced new sanctions on eve of Russia Day

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has commented on the new anti-Russian sanctions introduced by the US. The Russian department emphasized that Washington “can’t shut up with its sanctions”.

“The result, as before, will be null – it will not be able to force Russia to change its independent course in the international arena. But the American politicians continue to entertain illusions that the US is the world’s policeman, and with each new failed attempt to pressurize our country, they only demonstrate their own impotence,” the department’s website states.

The Foreign Ministry accuses the US of imagining enemies where there are none.

The Russian department also drew attention to the dates when the new sanctions were introduced.

“We have, of course, taken note of the fact that Washington’s two recent additions to the anti-Russian sanctions took place on the eve of our main national holidays – Victory Day and Russia Day. We will remember this,” the department concluded.

On June 11, the US placed sanctions on three Russian citizens and five companies due to their connections to the FSB.

In a joint communique on June 10, the G7 countries said that they are ready to place new sanctions on Russia. US President Donald Trump refused to sign the communique.

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