Kremlin: Russia, Iran, and China will develop a defense against US sanctions

The Russian Foreign Ministry intends to develop together with Iran, China, and other governments an “echeloned defense” against US sanctions,  stated Russian deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“We see the readiness and determination of the Iranians to keep JCPOA functional (The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to resolve the situation around the Iran nuclear deal). There is an understanding that keeping this agreement is in the interests of all parties involved, including, of course, Iran and Russia,” said Ryabkov.

According to him, Moscow and Tehran are working to create a set of protective mesuares against American sanctions.

“We, together with Iran, will continue in the coming days, starting literally from tomorrow, intensive work with the Europeans, as well as our increase contact with China and other governments, in order to build an echeloned defense against American extraterritorial sanctions and attempts by the US to disrupt JCPOA for the sake of its own geopolitical motives and ideas about what is right and wrong in this world,” he added.

In the spring of this year, US President Donald Trump said that Washington is withdrawing from JCPOA. The USA has already resumed previously suspended sanctions against Iran. In Europe, they said they would continue to support JCPOA.

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