Kremlin is upset Russia was not invited to Ukraine summit in Saudi Arabia

The Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the results of the summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which was held to discuss the "peace formula" tabled by Ukraine. The Kremlin said that Russia does not accept any negotiations without its participation.

"We are convinced that a truly comprehensive, sustainable and fair settlement is possible only if the Kyiv regime stops hostilities and terrorist attacks, and its Western sponsors stop pumping weapons into the Ukrainian Armed Forces," said the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

According to Zakharova, Russia is not satisfied with any of the 10 points of the "peace formula", because they do not seem to be aimed at ensuring the end of the war. The Kremlin views the "peace formula" as "a meaningless ultimatum to Russia aimed at prolonging hostilities." The Kremlin was also offended by the fact that Russia itself was not invited to the summit.

"Without Russia’s participation and consideration of its interests, no meetings on the subject of the Ukrainian crises have the slightest added value," Zakharova said.

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