Japanese and South Korean fighter jets intercept Russian bombers

Japan and South Korea scrambled fighters to escort two Russian strategic bombers over the neutral waters of the seas of Japan and East China, the Russian media reported on November 27, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

“At separate stages of the route, the crews of the Tu-95MSs were escorted by a few F-15, F-16 (South Korean Air Force) and F-2 (Japanese Air Force) fighters,” the TASS news agency wrote, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

On August 8, the UK’s Royal Air Force scrambled fighters to escort Russian bombers on two occasions.

On January 24, 2019, the Swedish military reported that a reconnaissance aircraft and two fighters from the Russian Aerospace Forces had recently infringed Swedish airspace over the country’s stretch of Baltic coastline.

On January 15, two Belgium F-16 fighters intercepted two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers while they were flying over the North Sea towards the north-western Netherlands.

  Russia, Japan, South Korea