Italian parliament votes to continue arms supplies to Ukraine

The Italian Parliament has approved a bill to continue the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The bill was supported by 218 deputies and received the backing of the Senate, according to the news agency ANSA.

The legislation authorizes the supply of arms, vehicles, and equipment to "support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion." It effectively extends a previous decree, as Rome has been backing Kyiv since the first day of full-scale aggression.

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, speaking ahead of the vote, called on Parliament to authorize the shipments. He also argued for the necessity to increase military assistance to Kyiv in light of escalating global tensions.

"Italy remains on the side of the freedom of nations and respect for international law. Our aim is the achievement of a just and lasting peace," the minister stated.

Rome has been providing military support to Ukraine from the outset of the full-scale aggression. Italy is a member of to the Ramstein group of allies supporting Kyiv. Details of the weapon supplies are kept confidential by the Italians. What is known is that among other forms of assistance, Italy helps strengthen Ukraine's air defense systems.

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