Israeli missile destroys Russian anti-aircraft system in Syria

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) released a video in which an Israeli Spike NLOS missile hits a Pantsir-S1 missile defense system, which was sent to Syria by Russia.

The destroyed Pantsir system was at the Mezzeh military airbase (Damascus), which is located 3.8 km from the presidential palace of Bashar Assad.

It was noted that the video was shot from a camera on the missile. When the missile approaches the defense system, the image disappears.

“The IDF struck an SA22 aerial interception system as part of a wide-scale attack against Iranian military sites in Syria,” the report stated.

According to The Jerusalem Post, this is the first confirmed loss of equipment in Syria.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Pantsir S-1 anti-aircraft missile system, which the Russian army began using in 2012, “was almost 100% efficient” when defending against the air strike from the U.S. and its allies on targets of the Assad regime in Syria on the night of April 14th.

On the night of May 10th, the Iranian military, operating in Syria, fired dozens of missiles on positions of Israeli military in the Golan Heights. The IDF struck back, attacking dozens of Iranian military facilities in Syria.

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