Israel trying to prevent Iran from supplying weapons to Russia

In the last month, Israel, which previously tried to stay neutral neutral towards Russian aggression against Ukraine, has started changing its position. Israel has started began to provide intelligence data to international organizations and allied countries about Iran’s deliveries of weapons to Russia. Jerusalem is trying to put pressure on Tehran and stop the shipments of weapons, reports the Israeli news website Walla, citing high-ranking sources in the Israeli Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Until recently, the Israeli authorities refrained from interfering in Russia’s war against Ukraine in an attempt to maintain good relations with Moscow. However, this position changed when the Russians began to massively purchase Iranian weapons. Jerusalem is increasingly concerned over growing military cooperation between Moscow and Tehran.

At the end of October, Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog went on a working visit to Washington, where he shared with the Americans secret intelligence data about Moscow's purchase of Iranian weapons. The same information was sent to Kyiv.

On October 20, Jerusalem sent classified letters to dozens of its embassies around the world. The letters reportedly contained detailed information about Iranian arms shipments to Russia: a list of weapons, dates, and cost. Diplomats were encouraged to use this information to organize a campaign against Iran's supply of weapons to Moscow. The Israeli authorities were particularly concerned about the prospect of Iran supplying ballistic missiles to Russia.

Israel is also discussing the shipments of Iranian weapons with the Kremlin. This issue was reportedly raised at a meeting of Israeli Alexander Ben Zvi with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

In September, due to short supply of missiles, Russia had to use these kamikaze drones for attacks on Ukrainian cities. The Iranian drones have almost not been used at the front. Ukrainian troops have quickly learned to counter these kamikaze drones. Almost 100% of these drones launched by Russia are destroyed in the air.

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