Half of Moldova without power after Russia’s massive missile attack on Ukraine

After The Russian rocket attacks on Ukrainian territory, there is a massive power outage throughout Moldova, said the Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister, Andrei Spynu. According to him, half of the country was left without light. Work is underway to restore the power supply. The same situation happened during the Russian raids on November 15.

"Russia has left Moldova in the dark. Russia's war in Ukraine is killing people, destroying homes and energy infrastructure with missiles. Attacks continue in Ukraine. People are pulling the wounded out from under the rubble. And they mourn their killed loved ones. People's lives cannot be reversed. But the electricity supply can be restored. Let's fix the technical problems and we'll have light again. All government institutions are working on this. We cannot trust a regime that leaves us in darkness and cold, that deliberately kills people because of the simple desire to leave other people poor and miserable. No matter how hard it is now, our only way, the future path of the Republic of Moldova, should lead to a free world," said Moldovan President Maia Sandu, commenting on the power outage in the country.

Today, Russia has again launched a massive missile attack on Ukrainian cities. Air raid sirens sounded throughout the unoccupied territory of Ukraine. According to the latest data, there was no electricity supply and water supply in Kyiv. As a result of the missile strike on a residential building, three people were killed and six were injured.

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