Denmark prepares a bill against Nord Stream-2

The Danish government has prepared and submitted for discussion a draft law that can prohibit the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline through the territorial waters of Denmark, the local edition of Politiken reports.

It is reported that the document was developed for foreign policy and security reasons.

The Government of Denmark proposes to amend the Law on the Continental Shelf, which provides for the refusal to construct pipelines in the event of an environmental threat. The new bill assumes that the application for approval of pipelines can be examined by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Decision-making on requests for construction of pipelines in territorial waters is so specific that it is more suitable for discussion at the ministerial level," the commentary to the bill says.

According to Politiken, the government of Denmark is afraid that the gas supplies through Nord Stream will be turned into a political tool by the Russian authorities.

Previously it was reported that Germany rejected 5 projects for the Nord Stream-2.

Prior to that, hearings began on the gas pipeline project in the country, which should be another step in the construction of the pipeline.

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