German Foreign Minister Baerbock: Ukraine was ready for concessions in 2022 Istanbul talks with Russia

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has stated that Ukraine was prepared to make concessions during the negotiations with Russia in Istanbul, Turkey, in March 2022, reported to the German newspaper BILD.

She stressed that there is a universal desire for the end of the war. "We are doing everything possible to turn this hope into reality. This includes supplying weapons so Ukraine can defend itself," said Baerbock.

Baerbock contended that those who argue weapon supplies only prolong the war are helping Russian president Vladimir Putin. She emphasized that claiming the West hinders Ukraine's ability to negotiate is false. Instead, Western nations are tirelessly working to restore peace in Ukraine.

"And this is also a fact: Ukraine was in negotiations with Russia in Istanbul in March 2022 and was ready for concessions, provided Russia withdrew its troops," she explained.

Baerbock noted that instead of troop withdrawals, Russia carried out atrocities in Bucha, where people were bound, executed outside their homes, women were sexually assaulted, and children were taken to Russia. During that winter, the Russians bombed Ukrainian power stations, forcing people to live in darkness and cold.

Baerbock said that Vladimir Putin does not want negotiations or peace. He wants "conquests," which he has explicitly stated.

"Continuing his cruel aggressive war abroad, Putin suppresses any dissent in Russia. He left Alexei Navalny to die while the entire world was watching. And now, he's detaining Russian teenagers who lay flowers in Navalny's memory. Teenagers who long for the same things as everyone in Ukraine: to finally live in freedom and peace," she stressed.

The German Foreign Ministry calls on Putin to release Ukrainian children, withdraw his troops, and end the war that will pave the way for peace, bringing a sigh of relief to the world.

On February 22, Mikhail Podolyak, Advisor to the Head of the Ukrainian President's Office, stated that Ukraine must prove that it should not capitulate to Russia's terms in the future negotiations.

On the same day, media reported that European diplomats believe it is necessary to encourage Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow, aiming to freeze the conflict and cement the current territorial gains in exchange for "security guarantees" from the West and a pathway to EU membership.

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