Gazprom completes Turkish Stream construction on Russian territory

Russian gas conglomerate Gazprom has completed construction on the offshore sections of the two Turkish Stream lines on the territory of the Russian Federation, and has begun construction of the first line within the Turkish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ),  Prime news outlet reported, citing South Stream Transport B.V.

"On November 4, 2017, the first line of the Turkish gas flow entered the Turkish Exclusive Economic Zone. Pioneering Spirit, the world’s largest construction vessel, laid into the sea the pipe sections with the Russian and Turkish flags, which symbolize crossing of the exclusive economic zone’s border between the countries," noted the statement.

They also added that crossing the border marks the end of construction in the territory of the Russian EEZ on the offshore sections of two lines. In total, Gazprom has already built 448 kilometers of the two Turkish Stream lines.

"Over less than six months, almost 25% of the marine passage construction was completed. This corresponds to the planned construction schedule. It is expected that gas transportation via the Turkish Stream will begin in December 2019," South Stream Transport reports. Russia has already begun construction on the deep-water portion of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline.

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