Gazprom CEO sees no obstacles for Nord Stream-2

The head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, in the interview with the program Moscow. Kremlin. Putin. stated that there are no obstacles for the construction of Nord Stream-2 and promised to complete the laying of two gas lines by the end of 2019, reports RIA Novosti.

“All those statements that have been made lately do not reflect reality. In general, there are no fatal legal obstacles that would make us think that we can not complete the construction of Nord Stream 2 before the end of 2019,” said Miller.

Last Wednesday, on March 27, Naftogaz announced that The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) had declined the Nord Stream-2 operator Nord Stream 2 AG application for laying a gas pipeline. The project operator denied this information, explaining that both applications for two different Nord Stream-2 pipe routes remain valid. Nord Nord Stream 2 AG representatives specified that Denmark requested only to include an environmental impact assessment of the third pipe route option of the project that would go through the Danish exclusive economic zone south of Bornholm island.

Nord Stream 2 AG sent their first application to the Danish authorities in April 2017. In this document, the company asked Copenhagen to agree on the route in the country’s territorial waters south of Bornholm island. The Danish authorities have proposed to bring this discussion to the European level. In August last year, the company applied for an alternative gas pipeline route in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone, north-west of Bornholm. This route is 36 km longer than the main one.

Denmark is the only country that has not yet agreed on a pipeline route draft. Construction permits have been granted by all the other jurisdictions that the future gas pipeline will pass through: Russia, Germany, Finland, and Sweden.

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