France urges EU countries not to recognize Russian COVID vaccine

Paris believes that the European Union countries should not recognize COVID-19 vaccines created in China and Russia, said the Secretary of State for European affairs in the French government, Clément Beaune, speaking on the air of the TV channel France 2.

He pointed out that the list of vaccines, which will allow travelers to enter France, should be limited to those vaccines, in the effectiveness of which the French authorities are confident. So far, only four vaccines have been recognized in France and Europe. With regard to other vaccines, in particular Russian and Chinese, France urges its partners to say no, Beaune added.

Responding to a question about the flights of Russian planes to France during the pandemic, Beaune said that the French authorities are constantly updating the lists of countries, which depending on the situation are classified as green, orange and red zones. "Every week we put new countries on red and other lists," Beaune said. At the same time, he assured that France is not going to cancel flights to its territory from other countries if the epidemiological situation there worsens.

"We have already cancelled the air service with Brazil as a matter of urgency, but it cannot last for a long time, it is an extremely complicated procedure, and it remains possible for passengers from these countries to come to France via other countries," the Secretary of State said. "The real impact," he said, "is that there is strict control, verification of test certificates, and, if necessary, such tests on the arrival of passengers. And in the extreme case, the passengers' compliance with the quarantine checked by the authorities, as is done in France for visitors from the red list countries."

The European Medicines Agency, whose approval is required for those who were inoculated with Russian Sputnik V in order to enter the EU, has been conducting an examination of the Russian vaccine since March 4. In mid-June, the Russian Private Equity Fund stated that the agency's approval could be received within two months.

The GCP (good clinical practice) stage has been completed by the European Medicines Agency and it has provided a positive response, said Russian the Direct Investment Fund.

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