France considers sending long-range missies to Ukraine

France is considering the possibility of providing Scalp EG long-range missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The firing range of these missiles exceeds 250 km.

According to media reports, French President Emmanuel Macron hinted that France was considering supplying the Ukrainian Defense Forces with missiles "with a range that will allow Ukraine to resist and conduct a counteroffensive." But Paris immediately warned that the delivery of these weapons will not be fast.

Storm Shadow (SCALP EG) is a long-range air-to-surface missile, which is developed jointly by France and Great Britain. Its main purpose is destruction of fortified ground targets.

According to the manufactured of the missiles, the Scalp can overcome enemy air defense. Its warhead weighs 450 kg, the range exceeds 250 km, and it can reach altitudes of 30-40 meters. This missile can be used in difficult weather conditions and overcome electronic warfare systems.

On May 12, Great Britain officially confirmed the delivery of a "certain number" of Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine. The Kremlin threated the UK with an "adequate response."

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