Fourth American destroyer equipped with Tomahawks enters the Mediterranean Sea

The USS Bulkeley destroyer, which is equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles, entered the Mediterranean Sea, reported Interfax with reference to Gibraltar resources monitoring the ship traffic.

As reported by the agency, the destroyer headed for the eastern Mediterranean towards the shores of Syria.

The movement of the destroyer was reported on Twitter by Michael Sanchez, who monitors the passage of ships in Gibraltar. He wrote that the USS Bulkeley was seen in the Strait of Gibraltar near Cape Europe.

There are currently three more American destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea: USS Carney, USS Ross and the USS Winston S. Churchil. They are also equipped with Tomahawk missiles.

On September 4 ,the Los Angeles-class multi-purpose nuclear submarine, Newport News entered the Mediterranean. The submarine is equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of 1.6 thousand kilometers.

In late August, the Russian Defense Ministry complained that Washington is increasing the number of Tomahawk carrier missiles in the Middle East to inflict new air strikes on the territory of Syria.  

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