Former Lukashenko's security chief accused of accepting a bribe from Russian company

Investigation Department of the KGB of Belarus charged with taking a bribe the former Deputy Secretary of the Security Council, Andrei Vtyurin. He was detained on May 3, according to the KGB’s website.

"The day before he was caught red-handed when receiving 148 600 US dollars from the representative of the Russian commercial structure "G" for assistance in promoting its interests in the Republic of Belarus", — said in a statement.

The KGB said that the representative of the Russian company was accused of bribery. Both accused pleaded guilty, and they were placed into custody. The KGB did not specify the name of the company, whose employee was involved in the bribery case.

The RBC news agency reported that The Russian Embassy could not provide the name of the Russian detainee. "Unfortunately, while the information has just appeared, we do not have any comment on this yet," said the Russian diplomatic mission to Belarus.

The Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva wrote about the detention of Vtyurin with reference to other sources on April 29. According to the newspaper, Vtyurin's cottage in Drozdy-2, the upscale suburb of Minsk,  was sealed, and the reason for the detention was a bribery criminal case.

Two days later, it became known that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko dismissed Vtyurin from the post of Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the State for actions discrediting the title of a serviceman. This decree was signed on April 24.

Vtyurin was appointed as the Security Council in 2014, before that he was the head of the Security Service of the President of Belarus.

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