For the first time, Ukrainian Forces use HIMARS to strike Russian military facilities in Kursk region

For the first time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) used HIMARS systems in an attack on military facilities in Russia's Kursk region, specifically targeting the village of Mirny (Sudzhansky District) and the village of Dolgie Bumy (Belovsky District).

On Saturday, June 22, AFU launched their HIMARS rocket strikes against Russian military installations located in the Kursk region. The building of the Federal Security Service (FSB) came under fire.

The news outlet Astra reported that a total of two rockets were launched from the HIMARS system at Mirny and Dolgie Bumy.

The Russian authorities claimed that both rockets were intercepted by the air defense systems. However, fragments from the missiles still managed to damage the FSB building in Sudzha.

Additionally, two vehicles were damaged, and one Russian soldier sustained injuries.

On the same day, acting Governor of Kursk region, Smirnov, mentioned the air defense activities in the area. He further stated that all consequences from the Ukrainian strikes had been rectified. Residents from both districts reported a temporary power outage.

Meanwhile, the Telegram channel CyberBoroshno reported that in the village of Vitino, attacked late in the evening of June 23 by AFU, 29 vehicles were positioned near an military dormitory. Additionally, a Krasukha electronic warfare system was observed on the military grounds.

Satellite images revealed intense fires in the area of Vitino, home to the Russian Armed Forces' Space Communication Center.

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