Fierce fighting breaks out between Assad and Turkish troops in Syria

Violent clashes broke out between the Syrian government forces and the Turkish army in northeastern Syria, reported the Syrian news agency SANA.

Not far from the town of Ras al-Ain in al-Hasakah Governorate, large-caliber machine guns were used during the fire exchange. SANA did not specify which side opened the fire and whether there were any injured or killed soldiers.

This is not the first skirmish between the Syrian and Turkish militaries after Tukey suspended its Operation Peace Spring in the north of the country. The last time such clashes took place was on October 30, near the village of Tal al-Ward, south-east of Ras al-Ain.

Yesterday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not rule out the resumption of military operations in northern Syria.

"We will not abandon this cause until the last terrorist leaves the region. We will not leave Syria until other countries leave," said Erdogan.

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