Explosions in Belgorod cause fires and significant damage

Explosions were heard in the Russian city of Belgorod on the evening of Saturday, May 25, amidst daytime attacks on Kharkiv.

Russian social media reports claim multiple buildings in the city have been damaged following an attack.

Numerous videos of fires post-explosions have been recorded by local residents. These reports come from pro-government Telegram channels.

Russian social media claims the damage in the city include a residential building on Yesenin Street and school building No. 43. Additionally, a fire is reportedly raging in a house on Blagoslavnaya Street in the Dubovoye area. Another residential building is said to be damaged on Youth Boulevard.

Regional TeleSystems, an internet service provider, reported numerous fiber-optic cable breaks in the Khargor area. Subscribers may experience internet access issues. Restoration work is set to begin soon, according to Russian officials.

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