Explosions and fire erupt at Russian ammunition depot in Belgorod region after Ukrainian drone attack

A Russian ammunition depot in the Belgorod region has been attacked by drones.

Local residents are sharing photos and videos of the aftermath of the explosion in the Belgorod region. They report that the ammunition depot in Rakityansky district was targeted. Russian blogs and media report that a shelling occurred at the site, confirming the incident.

The locals describe hearing explosions followed by a fire. 

The explosions were heard around 13:40 local time, amidst sirens warning of a missile threat. Approximately an hour later, the Russian Defence Ministry announced that it had successfully intercepted a Ukrainian UAV.

Russian military authorities appear to be concealing details about the incident, sparking speculation that the targeted site was a military installation. The Belgorod region has been a strategic base for Russia amid its conflict with Ukraine, heavily stocked with military equipment and ammunition, particularly in border areas.

Earlier on 9 June, the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) announced the first recorded strike on a Russian Su-57 aircraft.

The intelligence did not specify what was used to attack the airfield in Akhtubinsk. Social media reports indicated that the Su-57 fighter jet lost its combat capabilities after the missile strike.

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