Ex-President of Poland Lech Walesa: Russia is losing the battle for Ukraine

Russia uses a development model from a century ago, which is not effective now and which will inevitably lead it to lose the battle for Ukraine, former President of Poland Lech Walesa told 112 Ukraine TV channel

“Today, the world, Europe is being shaped to remove barriers and to level up opportunities and increase the level of development. But Russia, conversely, moves backward. Therefore, it will lose and it is already losing its battle for Ukraine. And it would lose more quickly if Ukraine joined the EU and NATO, if you level up all opportunities and obliterate all the barriers,” Mr. Walesa emphasized.

According to Walesa, Russia is lagging behind other countries in many ways, including the mental paradigm it operates within. An obsolete development concept that it uses is no longer viable in the modern world.

Walesa added that the aggressive style Russia employed to attack the Crimea and eastern Ukraine is not accepted in modern society and, therefore, “Russia is deemed to lose and it is already losing this battle.”

  Lech Walesa, Russia, Crimea, Eastern Ukraine