European Parliament calls Russia the primary source of disinformation in Europe

European Parliament adopted a resolution containing recommendations on counteracting propaganda. Russia is named the primary source of disinformation in Europe , according to the European Parliament website. According to the resolution, China, Iran, and North Korea are also sources of disinformation.

Four hundred eighty-nine votes support the proposal, 148 European deputies voted against, and 30 abstained.

The summary of the resolution contains three points: “to provide mechanisms for a reliable response,” protect election from Russian interference,” and “support  EU-associated countries and the Western Balkans.”

The resolution contains a recommendation to EU countries to impose sanctions for disinformation campaigns. The statement contains a proposal to develop a legal basis for countering hybrid threats, in particular, cyber-war and information war on both the level of the European Union and the international level.

The resolution calls for “condemning the intervention of third parties, including private enterprises, in elections and referendums and the malicious use of bots, algorithms, artificial intelligence, trolls, falsified video and fake accounts in political campaigns.

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